Lotton Gazebo Gallery, Owner, Kay Morton, 377 Parkway, Gatlinburg, Tn., 37738

Because Life’s Too Short For Mediocroty
At The Lotton Gazebo Gallery, We Offer 0nly The Best, Knowing That The Disappointment Of Poor Quality Last Long After The Satisfaction Of Low Price Has Been Forgotten.

The Gazebo has been in Business since 1971, and in 1974, the owners of the Gazebo began a relationship, both personal and business, with Charles Lotton, Daniel Lotton and David Lotton that would span the next 38 years to the present, and ultimately to the Lotton Gazebo Gallery. We feature the largest selection of Lotton Glass.

Lotton glass is documented today in the Permanent collections of museums such as the Smithsonian, the Metropolitan, the Corning Museum, the High Museum, the Toledo Museum, and The Art Institute of Chicago; and many throughout Europe.

Charles Lotton and all of the Lottons are entirely self-taught. Years of trial and error have brought them the success they enjoy today and the collectors a rare opportunity to own investment art that will continue to reward, in the future, those who have the insight to purchase their art today.
The Lottons MAKE ALL their Own Glass. Most artists buy Corning Glass for their Clear Glass and Melt it down.
The Lottons make their own glass compositions.
Most artists buy the Kugler Color Rods from Germany and Melt them down. The Lottons Make their own Colors.
This is really important. Many artists have tried to BUY the Lotton Colors. Quite Frankly, The Lottons are not foolish enough to Sell their Own Colors.

I believe, if you move forward in time and look back historically,
The Lottons will be known for their COLORS and their Beautiful Florals.
No one has been able to touch them on their Flowers.
I believe you should always buy the Very BEST you can Afford……and Stretch…a Little Bit.
Lotton Glass Appreciates In Value. I sell more glass when stocks are down a little.
Clients will pull out of stock accounts and invest in Lotton Glass.
They KNOW it is NOT going to go DOWN in Value. This is Why I sell Lotton Art Glass as Investment Art Glass.

Every piece of Lotton Glass is A One of a Kind. They even make their own bronze castings for their lamps.

If you have any questions about the art glass that I am offering, Please feel free to call me. 1-865-436-4064
or my cell 1-865-660-9848.
We can discuss any piece of art or I can take more pictures for you. I want You to be Happy.
I do Not offer Returns, Only because the Glass is Heavy and Expensive to ship, And there is always a chance of damage.
I offer Free Shipping and ship fully insured. I also deliver...within reason.
If you have any questions about their glass, Please Feel Free to Call me.
If I am not available to answer your call, please leave a message and I will return your call.

Kay Morton, Retailer since 1968

Charles Lotton Blue Cypriote Pink Flowers Charles Lotton Blue Cypriote Pink Flowers

Charles Lotton Blue Cypriote Vase with Pink Flowers, Green Leaves
Aprox. Size 8" by 7"
Signed Charles Lotton, Dated 2006

Our Price: $1,900.00
Daniel Lotton Large Vase Daniel Lotton Large Vase

Daniel Lotton
Large Clear Vase
Beautiful Purple Flowers
Green Leaf and Vine
Beautiful, Museum Quality
Aprox Size 14" by 9"
Signed Daniel Lotton, Dated 2013

Our Price: $3,200.00
Charles Lotton Yellow Multi Flora Bowl Pink Flowers Charles Lotton Yellow Multi Flora Bowl Pink Flowers

Charles Lotton Large Yellow Multi Flora Bowl Pink Flowers
Green Leaf and Vine.
Yellow is one of the hardest Colors to make
Aprox Size 9" by 12"
Signed Charles Lotton Multi Flora, Dated 2004

Our Price: $3,800.00
David Lotton Small Floral Vase

David Lotton, Small Clear Vase with Purple and Pink flowers, Green Leaves
Aprox Size 5" by 4"
Signed David Lotton, Dated 2014

Our Price: $450.00
Charles Lotton Red Vase Charles Lotton Red Vase

Red Cypriote Vase by Charles Lotton, Red Interior with Pink Flowers
Signed Charles Lotton, Dated 2011, Aprox Size 9" by 5"

Our Price: $1,600.00
Kim Lotton Pendant Kim Lotton Pendant

Kim Lotton Pendant
Glass Blown by Charles Loton,
Pendant Cut by Kim Loton
Slear with pattern
Aprox Size 2.75" by 1.50"
Signed KL CL

Our Price: $150.00