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Robert Lagestee is the grandson of Charles Lotton, the Patriarch of the Lotton Family.
Robert is the son of Charles's daughter Rachel Lotton Lagestee. Born in 1991, Robert grew up surrounded by the Beautiful glass of his grandfather and uncles, Daniel and David.
He dreamed of blowing glass. In 2005 he tried his hand at glass blowing and was naturally talented but decided to follow his father in the family grocery business. But in 2015 he returned to his First Love...Glass Blowing. Working under his grandfather, Charles. He absorbed like a sponge, soaking up every detail.
Today Robert pursues his own career, developing vases, paperweights, perfumes and bowls. His goal is to be established and worthy of the Lotton Fame. We Think He Is On His Way...
Robert signs his glass .... Robert Lagestee Lotton

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