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Timothy Loton is a third-generation glass blower. Son of Daniel Lotton, who in my opinion is the Best Glass Artist in the World Today. Timothy blew his first piece of glass at age 9 and spent countless hours in the studio being mentored by his family. He finally opened his own studio in 2016. Timothy Lotton, Talent Extraordinaire, Commands in his own right the highest reviews. His vibrant colors are all unique to the Lotton Family as they make all of their own colors. He is now exploring a new frontier, creating large mixed media sculptures with metal that feature his hand-blown glass. Some up to $100,000.00. These demanding techniques create a challenge, even for Timothy as he is able to put his ideas together with his hands along with the physicality it takes to create pieces of this size and magnitude. All this just motivates Timothy even more. This young artist is one to watch and collect.
The Wise Collector will invest in Timothy Now while they can. Buy now and reap the appreciation later yourself. The Lotton Tradition Continues